• 1st step

      Choose your dream motif from over 400 motifs

    • 2nd step

      Choose the right size for your room

    • 3rd step

      Choose between canvas, poster, frame and aluminum.

    • 4th step

      Enjoy your new dream image in your four walls.

    Alu-Dibond pictures – staging on the wall

    Photos and pictures on Alu-Dibond are the right choice for everyone who appreciates elegance and the extraordinary. They are reminiscent of the splendor of bygone times! Pictures make an apartment a home. With pictures you can give your own four walls your look. With attractive aluminum dibond pictures it is easy to transform your home or office into something special. Feel comfortable and show others your taste in art. We have aluminum dibond pictures in a wide variety of designs and colors. Choose your favorite motif from a wide variety of photos, paintings and abstract designs. Maybe you like a dreamy city panorama or a portrait picture. Abstract works fit particularly well in offices and company entrance halls and impress customers and employees. Monochrome motifs are particularly effective on the brushed surface. But multicolored images also create a wow effect. Do you still have a large wall space free? Then choose a large-format, rectangular aluminum dibond picture. The small formats of several Alu-Dibond pictures that you hang next to each other create a very special effect. Be inspired by the variety of aluminum dibond images in the online shop and choose your favorite image!

    What is Alu-Dibond actually?

    Alu-Dibond sounds exciting and looks good. But what exactly is it? Alu-Dibond is a layered material, also known as a composite material. Two thin aluminum plates enclose a polyethylene core. Our Alu-Dibond panels are brushed silver, also known as AluDibond Butler Finish Silver. As a result, an aluminum Dibond image carrier has an extremely high bending strength, it is stable and weather-resistant. The low weight makes it particularly easy to create large-format photos and images on aluminum dibond. Alu-Dibond murals hang securely even on walls that are not very stable. Photos in particular look good on Alu-Dibond, but paintings and art prints also have an interesting look.

    Alu-Dibond wall pictures beautify every room

    The Alu-Dibond wall pictures beautify every room. They are weatherproof and suitable for protected outdoor areas such as terraces or winter gardens. Thanks to a protective layer, you can hang aluminum Dibond pictures even in rooms with high humidity such as bathrooms and kitchens. Beautify your bathroom with an aluminum dibond picture with an abstract design. This brings us to the question: Which motif fits into which room? Aluminum Dibond wall pictures fit particularly well in the living room, bedroom, children's room, kitchen, bathroom or hallway. In the kitchen and bathroom you can play it safe with an attractive aluminum dibond picture. The motif is printed straight onto the metal plate and is well protected from moisture, dust and scratches. This means the bright colors and metallic effect stay beautiful for a long time. Many of the motifs that you find on our aluminum dibond wall pictures fit well into the living room or study. Aluminum Dibond pictures are real highlights and eye-catchers on every wall. Experiment by hanging several small-format pictures next to each other and design your own exhibition. In the living room you can also make an impression with atmospheric paintings and romantic landscape pictures; cityscapes , panoramas or photos work well in the study. Homely wall decorations should not be missing in the bedroom or children's room either. Cute animal pictures and designs appease the little bullies and invite you to sweet dreams. Art prints with your favorite motif also ensure relaxation in your most personal areas.

    Mural cities & travel or would you prefer animals?

    Alu-Dibond pictures with a brushed aluminum surface are available in a wide range of colors and motifs. They all have a very different spatial effect. Which image motifs suit which style? Alu-Dibond wall picture animals go well with any style: choose a funny dog ​​picture , a beautiful cat or an exotic lion for your wall. Or should it be the Eiffel Tower , a skyline or an atmospheric bar? Bring the atmosphere of entire extraordinary places into your home. Without a plane ticket or jet lag. With the architecture and city motifs on Alu-Dibond you will be inspired every day. Love and romance: The aluminum look murals with romantic and erotic motifs are difficult to resist. They show the fascination of the human body in all its facets. Discover your favorites in our online shop and order an attractive aluminum dibond picture!