• 1st step

      Choose your dream motif from over 400 motifs

    • 2nd step

      Choose the right size for your room

    • 3rd step

      Choose between canvas, poster, frame and aluminum.

    • 4th step

      Enjoy your new dream image in your four walls.

    A canvas picture to beautify your walls

    Your own home is many people's favorite place. Therefore, they set up this environment entirely according to their individual ideas. The exact design of each individual room is also crucial when it comes to creating a homely atmosphere. Don't forget the different decorative elements that you can use to give every room that certain something. Canvas printing is a simple way to create an eye-catcher in the room. Canvas pictures in various designs have a great look and provide a cozy or modern flair in the home. There are pictures on canvas with very different motifs. For example, you are looking for canvas pictures with people that fit perfectly into the living room, or you are looking for a canvas picture for the bedroom. The large selection means there is a suitable screen for every taste and every room.

    What characterizes canvas printing for decoration?

    If you choose a canvas print from the selection, then you are relying on top quality. The canvas pictures are optimally processed, so you can look forward to the long service life of the decorative elements for the rooms. We also rely on rich colors. You get colorful pictures on canvas that will attract attention in any room. The stable gallery frame ensures a good hold. It is 2 cm thick. Wood is used to produce the frames, a natural raw material that is very robust. In addition, high-quality canvas material is used, mainly made from FSC-certified wood. The wall hangers are provided for easy installation. This can be done very easily even by inexperienced hands. After just a short time you will have decorated your rooms with new motifs and created an impressive gallery effect.

    The most popular motifs for canvas printing

    Whether bedroom furnishings or pictures for the living room, some motifs are real long-time favorites and can be hung in different rooms. For example, canvas prints of people and faces are in demand. Various graffiti canvases have a very atmospheric effect. They give rise to longing and question our current actions. The canvas pictures with abstract art make great statements. Equip your room with the impressive photos from Gaming Art , or decorate the walls with bright prints from Pop Art. Cityscapes are also a highlight in every room.

    The right canvas print for the bedroom and children's room

    Wistful motifs with subdued tones are the first choice for the bedroom. You really want to relax in this room. Hence, dreamy images. Nature photographs or abstract art are particularly popular for the furnishings. For example, place the pictures above the bed. A couple photo on canvas also looks very good at this point. On the other hand, the children's room is colorful. With all the cuddly animals and colorful toys, the pictures on the walls should of course also be shown off beautifully. This is why striking colors are required that the little ones will enjoy. Comic motifs are a real long-running favorite. You also have the option of equipping the retreat room for the children with a canvas picture that shows the child's favorite animal. This makes playing in the comfort of your own four walls even more fun.

    This is how you really showcase your canvas print

    In order for the canvas print to really show off to your taste, it obviously needs the right space in your room. The basic rule here is that pictures in lengthwise format look particularly good on narrow walls. How to complement a side with windows or fit well on a wall that has a door. On the other hand, the pictures in landscape format are primarily suitable for wide, free walls. This is where they can fully develop their effect. In terms of size, you can vary when selecting canvas pictures. In smaller rooms, even a narrow canvas print creates a nice flair. For larger rooms, there should be correspondingly wider dimensions for balance
    be optics.

    Beautify the walls in the living room with pictures

    The living room is relaxed. Here you can equip the wall above the sofa or above the seating area with a canvas picture in landscape format, for example with a big city motif. Pictures of trees are also a good option. The living room is also ideal for a special type of wall design: several pictures with similar motifs. Such an ensemble looks very atmospheric. Take a look around the selection and discover the canvas picture that suits your taste!