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    Portrait posters

    The beauty ideal of a beautiful portrait has changed constantly since time immemorial. There was a time when full bodies were considered attractive. Artists of the time reflected this trend in impressive paintings and sculptures. In the 50s, the so-called 'hourglass figure' was popular. Lush breasts, a narrow waist and wide hips stood for pure beauty. Marilyn Monroe was an icon at the time, and many women wanted to look like her. Today's women have different ideas about the perfect look. Instead, more naturalness comes into focus. Women show themselves as Mother Nature created them. And girls and women can identify 100 percent with this attitude. Whether sexy, flirtatious, romantic, passionate or sensual, women have many facets. It is therefore hardly surprising that famous painters have absorbed femininity and all its versatility into their paintings like a sponge. We have the right posters for women with us. But also beautiful lips pictures for that
    Living room.

    The self-portrayal of famous people inspires across the board

    Role models that we as humans can look up to have always caused a great deal of fascination. In ancient times, it was successful gladiators who were cheered by their followers. In the Middle Ages, the population looked up to holy followers. We still find historical contemporaries such as Archduchess Maria Antonia of Austria, Cleopatra, and Catherine the Great (Empress of Russia) inspiring today. Portrait posters of artists, musicians and actresses generally convey a strong message.

    Wall decorations with women promise a real boost of genius

    If you're looking for unusual room scenes, work with wall decorations that reveal women as a diagram. These impressive creative creations do not claim to have to please everyone. Depending on the design, the murals have the potential to offend or shake up. It is precisely this aspect that makes the use of stylistic devices so exciting. Regardless of whether it is a portrait poster, lip pictures or women's posters, certain emotional aspects resonate in these special decorative elements. The sensual images in particular act as stimulus triggers. Living areas such as dining rooms or living rooms in particular require wallpaper design with a wow effect. Just one accent wall with feminine wall decorations is enough to make the room an overwhelming focal point in the entire house.