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    Abstract art for everyone

    Do you love abstract art? Do you prefer images that you can interpret rather than seeing reality drawn on them? Then you're on the right track in our Abstract Art shop category. Here you will find paintings, drawings, photos with abstract motifs. Clear contours, defined lines and concise shapes: abstract images focus on the essentials. From dots to circles, from squares to octagons - in endless variety, different shapes and colors merge to create ever new image compositions and show that even or especially reduced design can cause a stir. From geometric abstraction to surrealism to abstract art – discover the great classics only with us. Abstract designs come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and facets and give you space for your own interpretation. Let your imagination run wild – there is endless things to discover. Be inspired by world-famous works of art and transform your home into a stylish place that is as modern as it is timeless.

    Images full of fantasy

    Children are the most creative people ever. For them, every day is an opportunity to discover something new, or better yet, the whole world. Inspire their love of learning—and support them on their exciting journey—with colorful abstract art that tells stories, inspires curiosity, and quenches a thirst for knowledge. Whether it's triangles, circles, ovals or just a brush stroke, abstract works of art immediately make the children's room magical. But abstract art is not only suitable for the children's room. Looking at an abstract work of art, especially before falling asleep, can stimulate dreams at night. What do you see in this picture?

    What makes abstract art so special?

    Abstract art evades reality and the visual references to our natural world. Defying the logic of perspective, it aims to make us think. From the Weimar Bauhaus to Russian Constructivism, abstract art has left a far-reaching legacy in our aesthetic culture. Take a step towards the future with avant-garde prints and enliven your walls with symbolic typography. The origin of abstract art has long been debated. In general, Wassily Kandinsky is seen as a pioneer of abstract art. A famous quote of his is: “At that time, not a single painter painted abstractly. “His first abstract painting, which brought abstract art into the public eye, was “Composition V,” created in 1911.