• 1st step

      Choose your dream motif from over 400 motifs

    • 2nd step

      Choose the right size for your room

    • 3rd step

      Choose between canvas, poster, frame and aluminum.

    • 4th step

      Enjoy your new dream image in your four walls.

    Discover posters with frames for every living space

    You wake up in the morning and all you see is white woodchip? How boring. We think you should start the day in an atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable and that inspires you. Close your eyes again and imagine what it would be like if there was a framed poster of your No. 1 place of desire, for example one of the city you would like to live in or that inspires you. Maybe an art print that motivates you every morning or a motif that immediately puts you in a good mood. With us you will find framed prints that will give shape to your wildest dreams. Ready to hang...

    What distinguishes the high-quality posters with frames?

    If you choose the chic posters with frames, you will receive real pieces of jewelry that can be flexibly hung in different environments. The images impress, among other things, with their excellent feel. The surface is smooth with plexiglass and feels pleasant. Another advantage of these murals is the rich color design of the posters. The individual tones are very powerful and create a beautiful ambience in the room. They therefore also work very well as a splash of color that attracts everyone's attention. Our posters with metal frames not only look good, but also feel high-quality thanks to the high-quality metal frame. Another advantage is the different formats. This means that anyone interested can choose exactly the model that suits their taste and fits perfectly into the respective environment. The posters with frames are very popular because they are well made and are easy to assemble. They can be attached to the wall in just a few simple steps and have a good hold. The metal framed posters come on a high quality 170g/m2 paper with a black anodized metal frame with a thickness of 20mm. The poster is made of FSC-certified paper. Not only will you beautify your wall, but you will also help the environment - perfect for your bedroom, living room or children's room.

    Framed posters to suit you

    If you want to buy a poster with a frame to decorate your home, there are various designs to choose from. This means you can decide individually how you want the room to be decorated. Motifs of people and faces fit into almost any environment. They create a pleasant atmosphere in the room. In addition, these images awaken a certain longing in the viewer and invite them to dream. The special animals are a real perennial favorite. High-quality posters with frames in particular immediately enhance any room. The illustrations of abstract art are colorful. Curious shapes captivate you. Posters with frames offer the perfect picture in your home. The pictures look good above the sofa in the living room. This means that these posters with frames not only look very chic, but they also enhance the room. Posters with frames depicting a skyline underline the modern style of furnishing. Here you can, for example, choose the posters with frames from New York , the posters with frames from Paris or the posters with frames from Berlin . In this way you can bring urban city flair into your four walls at home. In most cases, these recordings are designed as panoramic posters. This allows them to fully develop their effect.